About Us

Biology refers to the study of life including living organisms and the various biological processes that occur in the world. Biology attempts to study the basis of life itself and how we can use the basic biological concepts and principles to improve our way of life. It’s for this reason that the Institute of Biological Engineering was formed. The institute is a professional organization which seeks to explore and encourage biological engineering.

The institute stands out as one of the country’s best nonprofit biological organizations, and this is clearly demonstrated in its objectives and key contributions towards biological engineering. The institution is actively involved in supporting scholarships in education, encouraging professional standards for Engineering practices, research and service, technical and professional development of biological engineering, public understanding and the responsible usage of biological engineering products together with the promotion and encouragement of active interactions among industries, academia, and the government.

In order to push forward its agenda and ensure successful operations of the organization’s activities, the Institute of Biological Engineering through a series of meetings, publications and also active involvement in the distribution of information and services seeks to encourage timely availability of new and informative knowledge and technology; cooperation among scientists, engineers, technologists and allied professionals; active promotion and growth of all its members; and effective collaboration in research, education, and economic activities worldwide.