Burning the Fat with the Eat Yourself Thin Diet

Burning the Fat

There are several burn fat diet techniques nowadays. Eat Yourself Thin is one these diets. It actually works out by means of grazing or several meals a day taken in small amounts. Say for instance, one is required five limited meals a day. If not, three full meals paired with two snacks are also possible. These two and other more are variations of this diet. Eat Yourself ThinDiet is said to be effective since it keeps up one’s metabolic rate. However, all food intakes must have a low carbohydrate quality.

The website alludes to the diet enforced by Bela Karolyi on his athletes. Karolyi advised his gymnasts to eat several meals a day but in minimal quantities. Mary Lou Retton for instance, one of the gymnasts, was only allowed up to 2,600 daily calories intake. Karolyi is the coach for the US Gymnastics Women’s National Team.

The Eat Yourself Thin Diet process starts by multiplying one’s body weight by 10 and 15. This process would gear a result in which the amount of allowable daily calorie intake will be determined. Let’s take a 135-pound woman as an example. If such weight be multiplied by 10 and 15, the allowable daily calorie intake range would be 1350-1925. This amount would then be divided by 5, which is the number of meals in a day, and it would show up a range of 270-385 calories per meal.

Eat Yourself Thin Diet comes in various versions as written by many authors as well. What is common in all these are that they follow the grazing and low carbohydrate intake principles. High carbohydrate intake on the other hand most likely increases one’s insulin level, thus strict observance of these principles would make the process work out well. Ideally, an Eat Yourself Thin Diet is composed of these specifications: 1/3 vegetables, fruit, or salad, 1/3 carbohydrates like rice, bread, potatoes, pasta, or bread, and 1/3 protein.

Furthermore, there are several kinds of food recommended for the Eat Yourself Thin Diet. Iodine rich foods are part of the list. These are basically for the thyroid and wellness of the endocrine in general. These can be taken from sushi since its paper-like wrap is actually made from seaweed, a good of source of iodine. Another essential recommendation is the consumption of correct kinds of fat. Foods rich in omega-3 oils are highly recommended since it eradicates the cravings for junk foods containing hydrogenated fat. Peanut butter is also a source hydrogenated fat. Therefore, it is not also good to take more of such. An all natural peanut butter is a better substitute instead. If only the good types of fats are chosen, then it eliminates the desire for unhealthy ones and gets the right nutrients only.

Also, with Eat Yourself Thin Diet, it is a must to remember that refined sugar and processed white bread must be avoided. Whole grain is a better option since it allows a more stable insulin level. In another version of Eat Yourself Thin Diet, great healthy fat sources include pumpkin seeds, walnut oil, canola oil, and fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, and kippers since all these are rich in omega 3.

The Eat Yourself Thin Diet principles are indeed beyond question. However, such diet requires one to be more knowledgeable in its technical aspect. The serious modification of eating habits may also be one of the downsides of it. With this, it might seem less appealing to some dieters.

Finally, to heighten the effects of this diet, it is recommended to take natural dietary supplements such as appetite suppressants. These help one in dealing with hunger and food craving. A patented fat burner must also be paired with it. Good one include Hoodia Gordonii extract for appetite control, and Advantra- Z, the patented variant of bitter orange for a more effective fat burning.

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