Biotech: The Science Behind Your Natural Personal Care and Cosmetic Ingredients


While beauty products are satisfying to use, the behind-the-scenes actions that go into creating waist cincher corset, serious, and highly-advanced science. Putting a product into your favorite makeup line would require years for a scientist to work on it.

To come up with sunscreen will take a maximum of 5 years for a scientist and his team. One has to synthesize the molecule, the others for the formulation of the finished product, and another team takes care of the safety and efficiency of the product.

Here are some interesting facts behind your favorite skincare essentials:

Personal Care and Cosmetic Ingredients

The ingredients found in your cosmetic and personal care essentials all came from biotech sources – whether animal, botanical, and microbial. However, microorganisms like algae and yeast are the most efficient and in-demand bioactive sources.

They offer the most sustainable and stable sources of biotech molecules for both personal care and cosmetics.

Who makes biotech ingredients?

Many manufacturers and companies hire scientists to formulate biotech ingredients. Among the famous makers across the world that you may know are Robertet and Firmenich.

However, there is a lot of ingredient and chemical developers in the biotech industry. For instance, the microalgae oils developed by Solazyme are adapted by a famous brand in Brazil – Natura Cosmetics.

As another example, Sollice Biotech in France develops a skin-soothing and anti-aging ingredient known as Collamung. When it comes to yeast extracts and peptones ingredients, Lallemand, a Canadian brand, is famous for that.

There is indeed a lot of brands that make natural biotech ingredients. There is Sederma that is famous for its Sebules (plant cell culture), a famous ingredient for anti-aging and acne-prone products. Amyris, Twist Bioscience, and Ginkgo Bioworks, however, are famous for their cosmetic and fragrance ingredients.

Natural products are in demand

Beauty and other skincare products made from natural ingredients are in demand. Hence, many brands and other startup companies specialized in this space.

For instance, Unilever, a well-known company for home care and natural products, just earned a turnover profit income of more than $200 million last year. It is reported to acquire another famous skincare and natural cosmetics brand, Honest Co., by Jessica Alba.

Moreover, market research also suggests the brands specializing in natural products are set to win. The reports say that natural-based products are increasingly in demand among consumers as they are trusted and alleviate the concern of many people about pollution, chemicals, and other unfamiliar ingredients.

The Bottom Line – Biotech is innovating!

Biotech ingredients are innovating to advance the beauty industry. The company Orion Genomics is utilizing science to become the palm oil industry more efficient. The brand has tested hundreds of seedlings to determine which is the top-growing tree which is such a good strategy to help conserve the Earth.

A certain scientist, on the other hand, has used applied biology to create biotech that will induce goosebumps. He is now in the stage of creating hair formulas that would prevent hair loss.

Indeed, Biotech for natural products and agriculture is innovating. Natural-based products are changing too as profitable ingredient sources.

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