Influence Of Biological Factors On Methods Of Losing Weight

Methods Of Losing Weight

Obesity and overweight are major issues among many adults in America. This poses a health risk due to the possibility of developing heart-related diseases, particular cancers, and even diabetes. In Good fat burning product for women, diet has been researched and it has been found out that it is very influential when it comes to controlling weight. Biological factors when planning on Weight Loss for Women should also be considered.

Doctors give precise and important directions so that the concerned individuals take low levels of fat and carbohydrates. This is essential in controlling the weight of concerned individuals. Different diets work for different people so do not worry if a certain diet is not working for you. What will work for you might fail to work for others so it depends on the type of your genotypes. Metabolic and genetic predisposition are the potential factors that biologically determine the success of various diets.

Research came up with genotypes that help in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. The pattern of these genotypes is used to predict the success of losing weight depending on various diets that are available. Individuals with high insulin levels are favored by diets of low carbohydrates than those containing a low level of fats. A low intake of fruits, cereals, and other carbohydrate rich foods are recommended for those who require a diet with low carbs. This is because such people should lower the intake of fatty cooking oils or foods.

The low fat and low carb groups were asked by scientists to consume whole foods and vegetables while disregarding sugar and flour which has been refined. They had no restrictions on what amount of calories should be consumed. In addition, the concerned participants were inspired to engage in regular physical activities. In one year’s time, these groups showed an insignificant weight difference. Those in a low-fat category lost around 12 pounds and those on low carb around 13 pounds.

The low fat and low carb genotype analyses failed to capture any influence in terms of weight loss. In addition, no influence was captured in regard to levels of insulin secretion. These results indicate how crucial it is to use big studies that are controlled in assessing results concerning small studies. It is not ruled that any further research will bring to light the identification of genotypes that predict low fat and carb diet responses.

After such genotypes studies, new questions arise as others are terminated. Enough data has been collected extensively so that it can be of use. It can be used as secondary data in exploratory studies even when researching on Weight Loss for Women.


The above discussion explains how weight loss is affected by biological factors. People have different biological factors and that is the reason various diets are provided. For you to decide whether you are obese or overweight, it is important to know your mass body index. It is required for proper planning of a weight-loss strategy. Apart from avoiding fatty foods, it is essential to incorporate exercises in this strategy. Good health is what everyone wants to achieve in the long run.

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