Bioengineering: An Enhancement Of Health Care


Biological Engineering, also known as Bioengineering, is the fusion of the principles and tools of biology and engineering in generating products like velgenklere that are economically feasible, tangible, and functional. This discipline aims to improve the lives of people living with different health conditions and aspires to enhance the health of people who do not.

The essence of this practice is to design and create technologies that assist in health maintenance procedures. In this article, we will explore the aids of bioengineering in our health.


This branch of Biophysics studies the human body, its movements, and its biological processes’ response to external stimuli. In the health care industry, Biomechanics aims to understand the behavior of the musculoskeletal system.

The engineers of this field involve various disciplines, such as Mathematics and Physics, to guide them in their studies. The professionals, in this field, work on research and product development that focuses on athletics since the study’s primary concern is certain movements of the human body.


This area focuses on developing innovations and platforms that respond to the human body and can be used inside it. Its purpose is to create devices that improve the lives of people with medical conditions and disability that weakens or loses certain functions of the body.

Below are the devices produced by Biomechatronics, which aid people with finite mobility:

Devices enabling sensual control over prosthetics;

Implants that enable the nervous system and prosthetics to communicate; and

Exoskeleton innovations for improved running.

With these devices, Biomechatronic research proved its capacity to help people with disabilities and improve normal people’s physiological function.

One of the most remarkable developments of Biomechatronics is the study’s Leg Joints, also known as the Bionic Knee. This invention by Hugh Herr helped amputees to experience their normal life again by helping them to walk properly.

Biomedical Electronics

This branch of Bioengineering dedicates itself to the design, development, and maintenance of equipment that can be used in health care institutions.

This discipline improved the medical industry by developing devices such as Monitoring Systems for Intensive Care Units, imaging systems for Cognitive Therapy, surgical lasers, and dialysis machines. In fact, each equipment designed to test patients in medical institutions is categorized as Biomedical Electronics.

Tissue Engineering

This practice is still in the research stage but is assumed to greatly enhance health care applications in the future. According to one article, Tissue Engineering is the development of natural human body tissue in a laboratory.

This tissue can then be harnessed to aid patients with various health problems; however, engineered tissues are rarely used on human patients. According to Nature Magazine, Tissue Engineering is bound to an enormous promise of future health care, due to the demand for alternative therapies for chronic diseases like organ failure.


Biopharmaceutical refers to any pharmaceutical products produced from biological resources. These products include:




Blood components;

Somatic cells;


Recombinant therapeutic protein;

Gene therapies; and

Living medicines of cell therapy.

These product components are nucleic acid, proteins, sugar, and complex synthesis of the aforementioned substances, living cells, or tissues.


Nowadays, Bioengineering does not only aim to create solutions to people’s medical troubles, but it also aims to aid normal people in enhancing their bodies. An example of this is helping people in achieving healthy-looking skin through enhanced cosmetic products and innovative skincare technologies.

Bioengineers collaborate with medical professionals and researchers in order to create devices, equipment, and systems that solve medical problems. Their field, Bioengineering, is one of the most innovative ways of prolonging people’s lives. With the existence of this methodology, though some of its branches are still in research stages, Science is now able to ease the lives of people with medical problems.

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