What Happens If You Mix CBD Oil and Alcohol?

CBD Oil and Alcohol

CBD oil has been making the rounds lately with its natural healing and health benefits studies say it has. It’s becoming very popular that it’s being mixed with other things people take such as supplements and drinks. If you a regular user, you might know that CBDistillery is best CBD oil out there/

Recently, there have been cases wherein CBD is mixed with alcoholic drinks. It scared some people because in general, mixing other medicine or alternatives with alcohol is never a good idea.

Now, the question is, what really happens when you mix CBD oil with alcohol? Well, the following results might surprise you:


CBD is said to have many effects on people. One of its benefits is its ability to calm a person’s nerves. That is why it’s said to be good with anxiety and other disorders such as panic disorder and post-traumatic stress.

Alcohol, on the other hand, may cause quite the same reaction to a person’s body, and there are also times when it causes violence or extreme behavior. However, more often than not, people who drink alcohol become lightheaded and sleepy.

That is why combining these two may cause sedation. CBD works on reducing a person’s nerves while alcohol amplifies it with its effect.

Cell Damage Prevention

While alcohol is not illegal and drinking it occasionally is allowed and even advisable at times, we cannot deny the fact that it does have some bad effects on the body. Consuming alcohol excessively may lead to diseases such as liver disease, some types of cancer, and pancreatitis.

There was one study wherein CBD was used on rats. The result was reduced brain cell damage which was caused by high consumption of alcohol.

Blood Alcohol Level Decrease

One of the bad effects of alcohol is the loss of motor skills and a clear mind. Everyone may agree that when drunk, it’s harder to do things that require accurate movements to the extent that walking straight is a challenge.

Thinking clearly also becomes a challenge. Cognitive functions are affected, and there are even times when one loses a memory or two.

One small study in the 1970s tested 10 people. They took 200mg of CBD together with alcohol. They tested themselves for blood alcohol levels both when they took alcohol with CBD and when they took alcohol without it.

Surprisingly, it showed that they had lower blood alcohol levels when they had alcohol with CBD, although it should be mentioned that the amount of CBD they took was five times the recommended amount.

Alcohol Withdrawal

There have been studies that CBD helps with withdrawal from substances like drugs. It says that it makes the transition to becoming clean smoother, and so some use it to make their withdrawal more successful. The same thing could be said for alcohol withdrawal.

A study on alcoholic rats was conducted, and it showed that CBD helped decrease the need for the rats to have alcohol.


Keep in mind that all these are conducted by small studies. They are also conducted on animals, not humans. Therefore, there really is no concrete evidence at the moment to say that combining CBD with alcohol is safe.

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