Cannabidiol and Its Potentially Therapeutic Effects

Cannabidiol is a chemical property extracted from cannabis—the same plant where the controversial marijuana is being produced. Cannabidiol, in the form of CBD oil, is now being recognized and you can even Buy cbd oil in a few parts of the world for its alleged healing properties and miraculous favors.

In this article, we’ll show you 5 areas in which CBD oil can potentially help and innovate the medical field.


As an analgesic, Cannabidiol can work as a pain reliever for patients suffering from rheumatic arthritis, orthopedic conditions, and even cancer pain. It is quite the same with the analgesic properties of opioids, it’s just that Cannabidiol treatments come with the risk of getting its patients addicted which may lead to further psychological and physical conditions.

Neuroprotective and Anti-Inflammatory

There are a lot of incurable diseases that still hasn’t been solved by medical scholars. One of these is Alzheimer’s disease. The use of Cannabidiol is being associated with this condition since it has neuroprotective properties which may help relieve an Alzheimer patient’s neurons and relive its brain damages. For its anti-inflammatory properties, it has been proven that Cannabidiol helps in slowing down tumor inflammation and melts down cell abnormalities. One thing that hindrances the Cannabidiol’s Neuroprotective and Anti-Inflammatory properties though is that these tests weren’t explored and proven for human testings yet.


Cannabidiol’s Anti-Seizure effect was tried on animals and drug-resistant children. It is observed that this chemical helps in calming down patients and even prevents further neuron damage that may be caused by the seizure. Though in some cases, medical scientists still don’t approve for including it in anti-seizure treatments since its chemical structure isn’t fit for human consumption. Its dosage has to be studied well enough first before being introduced to the masses since it may cause addiction and overdosage of such may lead to immediate death.


There has been a lot of testimonies on the internet claiming that CBD oil saved them from anxiety and further depression. Cannabidiol, for a fact, is brought to the world by the same plant that produces addictive marijuana. Though proven for its medical purposes, marijuana still isn’t recognized in some countries due to its addictive element. The same goes for Cannabidiol. While it allegedly helps as an anti-anxiety treatment, it can also be taken as well that the effect may just be temporary just as what usual illegal drugs do.

The use of Cannabidiol in any form—oil, capsules, injectables—hasn’t been recognized yet by the World Health Organization (WHO). This means that the chemical hasn’t been proven safe and effective just yet. The Cannabidiol is currently banned from certain Asian and European countries because of its safety issues and also for the prevention of potential epidemic viruses. It is still under the observation and research of medical scholars.

Until its therapeutic effects are recognized as true and safe, it is best to rely on expert medical advice rather than risk your health for unsure and unproven treatments.

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