Getting to Understand more about Biological Engineering as a Discipline

The Institute of Biological Engineering was established to explore more about Biological Engineering including inquiry, interest, and application in Biological Engineering. As stated earlier, the field of Biological Engineering is in its infancy and is a very dynamic field which needs constant research and proper implementation of ideas so as to come up with new concepts. IBE is tasked with the responsibility of imparting such knowledge to Biological Engineers and Scientists so as to achieve these goals.

For this reason, the Institute stresses the need for its members to understand and conceptualize Biological Engineering as a scientific discipline. The institution mandates itself to build and promote the professional development of all its members including Scientists, Engineers, and students by offering a forum where they are able to debate and discuss the different biological principles and systems facing the field. Such forums enable the experts and researchers to understand and apply some of the fundamental concepts.

Biological Engineering is a science-based discipline which draws its inspiration from independent thinking and reasoning but one which aligns itself with the foundations of Biology. The institution encourages its members to come up with new ideas and thoughts on how to improve the discipline as a whole, but such ideas have to be in line with the basic principles of Biology. This is done so as to ensure that Engineers and Scientists are able to contribute more towards the sector. Moreover, IBE stresses that Biological Scientists and Engineers should have scientific knowledge including fundamental philosophical views, and they should be proficient in all the practices and principles of Engineering.

Such mastery of the philosophical biological views would enable members to comfortably integrate the various discoveries that they make from multiple disciplines allowing them to design solutions for problems. It’s vital to know that Biological Engineering is still at its infancy and so the field is wide open to new ideas. Its body knowledge including both the methodologies and content has yet to be fully developed.

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