What is Biological Engineering?

Biological Engineering’s major focus has been on the application of chemical, physical, and mathematical sciences together with various other Engineering principles, and so members of the institution are expected to appreciate the contributions made by such fields to improve the discipline. Through such appreciation, the Engineers and Scientists will be in a good position to apply the principles of Biology, and with the tools of Engineering, they will proceed and be able to create tangible, usable, and economically viable products. The institution goes on to encourage its members to employ the expertise and knowledge from applied and pure sciences such as biomechanics, Kinetics, and heat transfer while working on their projects.

Biological Engineering as a discipline stresses the need of Engineers to copy the concepts of various biological systems so as to augment, replace, sustain, replace or predict both the mechanical and chemical processes. So this brings us to our main question, who is a Biological Engineer?

A Biological Engineer is a professional who studies biological processes and attempts to integrate them with the various engineering principles to develop sustainable solutions for a wide variety of technical problems. Biological engineers play a significant role in the biotechnology industry; they are tasked with the responsibilities of designing medical equipment, come up with efficient systems that clear up the water and air we breathe, and also tasked with the responsibility of genetically engineering bacteria to produce fuel, remove toxin, etc. The role of Biological engineers cannot be ignored, the success and future of Biotechnology lies in their hands.

Biological Engineers are involved in many professional roles within the society including jobs in the government, industry, and academia. They are heavily involved fields including bioenergy, bioprocessing, environment, food production, biomedical and genetic engineering. In all these fields the engineers are expected to incorporate both biological concepts and systems so to achieve meaningful output in the field, something which the Institute of Biological Engineering strives to ensure its members adhere to.


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Engineering for Life

Engineering for Life

With this in mind, the organization's core concept or main focus is Engineering for life, which translates to the integration of Biological Engineering together with life sciences i.e. Bio-medicine, Bio-processing/ Biotechnology, and Environment. The home institute aims to achieve this successful integration by applying all fundamental concepts of Biological systems starting from molecular to ecosystem levels. Through the study of Bio-processing, the institution seeks to further research on the chemical, biological, and physical reactions that greatly improve or add value to biological systems. This is an important area of interest as Bio-processing/ Biotechnology knowledge is used in key processing areas ...
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Getting to Understand more about Biological Engineering as a Discipline

Getting to Understand more about Biological Engineering as a Discipline

The Institute of Biological Engineering was established to explore more about Biological Engineering including inquiry, interest, and application in Biological Engineering. As stated earlier, the field of Biological Engineering is in its infancy and is a very dynamic field which needs constant research and proper implementation of ideas so as to come up with new concepts. IBE is tasked with the responsibility of imparting such knowledge to Biological Engineers and Scientists so as to achieve these goals. For this reason, the Institute stresses the need for its members to understand and conceptualize Biological Engineering as a scientific discipline. The institution ...
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