How to Get Your Cat to Lose Weight

Lose Weight

If your cat is overweight, it can cause the possibility of many health problems. No one wants to lose a pet sooner than they need to. We know men weight loss pills but these wont gonna work for your pet. Your overweight cat has an increased risk of heart failure, liver problems, and other health risks. Here is how to help your cat lose weight.


1 First, find out if your cat really is overweight. Does your cat have a stomach that is bigger than normal? Your cats stomach should look kind of slinder. Are you able to feel your cat’s ribs? If you are sure your cat is overweight, take these steps to lower your cat’s weight.

2. Your cat may be overweight because he or she does not get enough exercise. You will need to help your cat exercise more. It’s not as simple as walking a dog. Cats don’t like to be “walked” usually and they will resist. Find some toys for your cat to play with. There are many fun toys, especially the ones that have a pole that dangle something in the cat’s face. Cats usually love those.

3. What do you do if your cat just lays there and won’t play? You will need to get a little more creative. Add an incentive. That incentive should not be food though. Use pure catnip herb to get your cat to play and move around. Remember that catnip relaxes a cat’s body. Don’t let your cat outside after having catnip.

4. Get a playhouse for your cat. Cat’s love these things. The key is trying many different toys and items in order to find which one will get your cat up and moving again. Your cat needs to be interested in it.

5. Lower your cat’s food intake. You may be feeding your cat too much. For a regular 10-pound cat, the cat should eat 200 calories. Actually try to measure the food and count the calories. Maybe give your cat 66 calories 3 times per day or 100 calories twice a day. Also make sure your cat always has enough water in the bowl.

6. Try not to give your cat any extra calories like food from your plate or cat treats. These will add extra calories and your cat will continue to gain or stay overweight. You want your cat to lose weight instead. If you have to put your cat in another room while you eat, go ahead and do so.

7. Try not to drop food around your cat. If you have dogs, make sure they eat in a separate room and put the food up after they eat. The cat shouldn’t be able to get to the dog food.

8. Adjust the weight loss routine as needed. Make sure your cat isn’t losing weight too fast. Your cat should lose about 1 pound per month maximum. If your cat begins to lose more than that, you should tweak the weight loss program and add a little more food or a little less activity.

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