Cannabidiol: What It Really Is and How It Helps


One of the greatest discoveries in the medical field for the past decade is the Cannabidiol—most commonly known as CBD Oil. To help you know more about it, we’ve collected facts from thecannabisradar and compiled them in this article.


Cannabidiol is a compound that can be found in the cannabis plant—the very same plant in which medical marijuana came from. Just like medical marijuana, Cannabidiol has been proven to help in improving health-related illnesses and disorders. Cannabidiol, though, also has its own share of criticisms. At first, it has been banned on international markets and people are reluctant on using it due to its addictive substances. By 2011, the World Health Organization have introduced the new face of the Cannabidiol compound through the CBD oil. After hundreds of tests for its effectiveness and safety, CBD Oil is now proven effective to help alleviate patients of several diseases and psychological disorders. Countries in the U.S., Europe, and Asia have started dropping the ban against CBD Oil and is now more and more recognizing the benefits CBD Oil can provide.

Health Benefits

There are a lot of health benefits that users can get from CBD Oil. Some of them are the following:

1.            Sound sleep

2.            Anti-anxiety

3.            Anti-inflammatory

4.            Pain reliever

5.            Calming effect

6.            Increased focus

These effects of cannabidiol are also attributing features on how it can help improve the psychological status of mentally-impaired people. Today, the cannabidiol is also being studied for its ability to be a cure for cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and Tumors. So far, the results of the studies are all positive except that it still hasn’t been tested yet for humans. Cancer cells of lab rats are easily fought by the chemical compounds in CBD Oil. The World Health Organization is in high hopes for this cure and has given the general public a heads-up on the possible launch of this cure in the next 10 years.

Way of Consumption

Original products associated with CBD Oil are syrups and capsules. CBD Oil is often consumed in a similar way as fish oil. It is used as a food supplement for patients and athletes. Today, anyone can try CBD Oil infused products through food condiments and cosmetics. There are actually restaurants that include CBD-infused pastries and snacks (CBD chocolate bars, CBD candies, etc.) on their menu. These are served with a high price since the CBD Oil itself is expensive. There are also cosmetics infused with CBD Oil. These are often in the form of soaps, lotion, and bath bombs. There are positive feedbacks on consuming CBD Oil whether internally or externally.

Medical professionals are still reminding the public that too much use of these products may lead to addiction. The usage of CBD-infused products should be under proper medication and surveillance of a physician. Each dose of CBD should be strictly monitored and should be consumed depending on the most applicable purpose.

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