The secrets to healthy aging: Diet, exercise, and biology of cells

The secrets to healthy aging

One way to slow aging is to keep the cells working properly. To do this, you must understand how your body cells work. As a person ages, the DNA degradation and accumulation of waste products is thought to cause aging. The best treadmills exercise helps to control it.

Cell Biology and aging

Cells have two modes of functioning; growth and maintenance. The cell growth consumes a lot of energy but at the same time produce a lot of waste products. When these products accumulate in the body, rapid aging and poor health occur. Switching from growth mode to maintenance mode will reduce these negative effects.

In maintenance mode, cells use less energy and produce fewer waste products allowing for efficient repairs. Cells under maintenance mode trigger the protection of DNA from damages, remove toxic elements, reduce tumors and mutations.

Calorie restriction triggers maintenance mode in cells

When the body receives less food, it is forced to adapt to using nutrients in food for energy to the use of fats stored in the body. This causes a sudden trigger of maintenance mode. There is evidence that calories restriction is associated with anti-aging aspects such as reduced insulin problems and lowered blood pressure; however, similar observations have not been made in humans.

Exercise adds years to your life

Exercise at home or outdoors is always good for your health. Exercises are vital for healthy aging. Aging leads to loss of muscle mass, bone density, and mobility. The changes are due to factors such as hormonal changes and inactivity. These aspects can be reduced by engaging in physical activities.

Mild exercises will raise your heart rate to approximately 55%-70-% of the maximum heart rate. More exercises will mean better results. A study conducted in the US in adults who were over 40 years showed that engaging in 30 minutes of exercise every day increased their life with about 4.2 years.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

High-intensity interval training is a major route of enhancing your exercises to reap maximum benefits. They are thought to be young peoples’ activities but are beneficial to older people including individuals aged 65 years and above. Studies have shown that it reduces the wearing of muscle cells.

HIIT involves rapid exercises of high-intensity physical activities that are done in short intervals of about 6 seconds to 4 minutes followed by a rest of about 30 seconds to 4 minutes. During this activity, short bursts of energy are released to raise the heartbeat that is followed by a low-intensity mode that brings the heart rate back to normal.

The activity also improves the pumping of blood and oxygen throughout the body muscles. The chemical reactions are vital in repairs and regenerate the cells of mitochondria which is the organ that helps in the conversion of nutrients to energy.


Exercises at home or any other form of exercise will be crucial in your healthy aging. Nevertheless, it should be noted that too vigorous exercise, especially in people above 65 years could be harmful. Always consult your fitness professional for the best advice on physical exercises.

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