Hand Washing: The Myth and The Truth

Hand Washing

When it comes to hand hygiene, their tool has a lot of benefits because it helps to get it correctly done. Your mom definitely has a theory of her own about it too. The scientists who study microorganisms like infection-causing bacteria have theirs also. So, which one is more effective? Or rather, which is myth and truth when it comes to hand hygiene? It’s time to find out.

Myth 1. Antimicrobial soap is better than normal soap.

Many people believe that antimicrobial soap is more effective than normal soap for hand hygiene. How can they say so? Well, one of the probable reasons why may be that the micro bacterial soaps are specially made for such purpose. If you compare it with the normal soap, the latter would seem like having a general application which means that it does not specialize in removing germs on your hands.

But this is NOT THE TRUTH. Apparently, our hands have a natural skin microflora. This helps stabilize the microorganisms on our skins. With an antimicrobial soap, this skin flora is most likely to be damaged because of the soap’s chemical content.

Myth 2. Warm water is better than cold water for handwashing.

There has been a lot of rumor that hot water can remove more bacteria from your hands than the cold water. As you may realize, there are a lot of things which warm water may help in cleansing. You may use it for cooking your food or making sure that the raw meat is cleaner when you wash it with warm water.

However, it is a totally different scenario when it comes to hand washing. As the authorities in this field have found out on their series of studies regarding hand hygiene, there is no difference as to the extent of bacteria that can be removed when using warm or cold water. So, next time that you would wash your hands, you can freely opt for warm or cold water.

Myth 3. Paper towels are better than air dryers.

When you are at a restaurant, you can see that there are air dryers provided near the lavatory where you can wash your hands. So, maybe, air dryers then are better than paper towels to dry your hands?

Apparently, it all boils down as to which one can totally dry your hands after washing. As part of your hand hygiene, drying your hands is vital. It helps prevent the contamination of more bacteria. It is when your hands are wet that you begin to acquire germs, even right after you have washed your hands!

With paper towels, you are most likely to succeed in drying your hands better and faster than that of the air dryer. You can just have as much paper towels as you want to dry your hands completely. With air dryers though, there are models which do not really dry your hands even after a minute of standing there.

As a result, you are most likely to just wipe your hands on your pants. However, that would be a critical move! Remember, your pants may acquire bacteria as well, and when you wipe your wet hands in there, then your hands are still not safe. Thus, paper towels are better.

With the myths busted and truths revealed, your hand hygiene would be so much better now. So, do not forget these discoveries! Keep away from infection-causing bacteria by washing your hands regularly, bearing in mind the things that you have discovered here.

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