Bioengineers Produce Low-Cost yet High-Quality Cannabis

High-Quality Cannabis

Synthetic cannabis has been successfully reproduced by the University of Berkeley’s scientists, where a simple production of THC and CBD substances have been made at a very low-cost process. According to a story published by medium author gene schaik, they are focused on mass production of the substance, the scientists at the University had also created a novelty cannabis substance that is not found in the cannabis hemp.

Traditional production of cannabinoid substance has been focused on the culture of marijuana hemp and cannabis seeds. The creation of cannabinoids alone, when following the traditional method, has been deemed expensive, making cannabis, THC-contained and CBD products a bit costlier than it was.

Low Cost and High-Quality Cannabis from Brewer’s Yeast

The process of producing low-cost cannabis substance has been made through the simple brewer’s yeast. This, by far, has been noted to be one of the cheapest ways to produce cannabinoids. Jay Keasling, one of the chemical professors at the UC Berkeley, had said about the benefits of the low-cost cannabis substance and has noted that it is of high quality without the need to produce it at an expensive cost.

He also added that it has been more environment-friendly and even a safer way to produce cannabinoids. This would bring more breakthroughs to the use of cannabis substance for medical purposes. As of the moment, ten out of fifty states in the US had legalized the use of medical marijuana and recreational cannabis. This has turned out to be a multibillion-dollar business in the country since its legalization.

With the breakthroughs of making cheaper but higher quality cannabis through brewer’s yeast, the medicinal relief that cannabis has proven in the last several years is now made possible. While this made a good breakthrough in the context of medicine, synthesizing cannabinoids from the years would promise a major improvement in the field of medical research.

How Cheaper CBD and THC Benefits the Cannabis Market

The reduced cost of creating cannabinoids can affect the marketing and sales of CBD products. It has been known that CBD and THC pills, oils, and creams, with a variated dosage of cannabinoid, has been known to bring relief to nauseous conditions in medical operations like chemotherapy and increase of appetite for those who are treated for AIDS. There are studies conducted in the relief that cannabinoid brings to children suffering from epileptic seizures. Also, cannabis has been known to reduce anxiety and chronic body pains.

Many of these products are produced for either recreational or medical purposes, but all are approved by the Federal Bureau of Food and Drugs Association. This cannabis industry, whether the stigma of marijuana addiction has still remain rampant, continues to create breakthroughs in the field of medicine. Insofar as the breakthrough is concerned, this is a great help in producing the substance without going through the rigorous process of producing cannabinoid from marijuana hemp and cannabis seeds.

The Good Thing About Cheaper Cannabis Through the Yeast

It is a great joy in the field of bioengineering that cannabis is now one of the substances produced from yeast. As there is no more need to culture a massive farm that would produce the hemp and seeds for cannabis production, the reduction of energy and water use is deemed beneficial to the environment. By far, this bioengineering breakthrough makes a better outlook for medical THC and CBD substances while maintaining a better economy on the recreational cannabis industry.

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