Best Platforms for Crowdfunding Science Research

Crowdfunding Science Research

It may come as a surprise, but crowdfunding has found its way to the realms of science from its usual targets which are charities and real estates. After all, crowdfunding is a great piece of financial advice that financial experts preach to project organizers. You can see it here that over the recent decade, numerous crowdfunding sites were launched to help scientists fund their innovative research that has no other source to fulfill their financial needs. Crowdfunding for scientific purposes could well change the way science progresses in the years to come.

Here are some crowdfunding sites that could change the game in scientific researches.


Molly Lindquist, a survivor of breast cancer, founded Consano in 2012. Molly founded her crowdfunding site with the motivation to provide huge sums of funds from nonprofit bodies to medical researchers. These nonprofit bodies tend to the funding of general research programs. However, Molly’s particular interest is to provide innovative researchers with direct support. Individuals can directly donate to a current research project with at most ease. Thus, the progress of the projects is consistent.

In Consano, the backers have the freedom to donate any amount they want, no matter how big or small. The funds will finance medical researches such as cancer and the introduction of developing countries to advanced ultrasound technology., formerly named Microrzya, is a New York-based crowdfunding website that was founded in 2014. It is a platform that discovers, shares, and funds scientific research that has the potential to be beneficial to the world. The people behind have this motto that they will do anything in their power to support projects that have the potential to unleash new knowledge.

The backers that donated will have the luxury to witness the progressions of the projects they helped to fund. The site has supported research ranging from economics, medicine, biology, physics, and many more. Since its formation in 2014, the site has raised $8 million, jumpstarting 760 projects with the help of over 41,000 backers.


MedStartr is a crowdfunding site founded in 2012 that focuses on healthcare and medical innovations. With MedStartr, researchers could launch their project in the shortest time possible as the site is automated to conveniently match projects with a mentor. The researchers will be treated with services such as business design writing, marketing, video help, digital media strategy, reward creating, and traditional and digital press introductions, depending on the nature of their project.


USEED was founded by two fresh college grads in 2011 with the motivation to help fund the innovative ideas of student entrepreneurs. Nowadays, USEED is continuously in collaboration with higher educational institutions to aid in the redesigning of philanthropic researches. They also specifically fund projects that take part in overseas volunteer programs.

The individual universities approve the fundable projects; afterward, they will share to their alumni useful information on how to fulfill donation opportunities. Donations aren’t made to individuals but rather, to the university.

With the rise of crowdfunding sites that cater to scientific researches, it’s safe to say that the future of humanity’s scientific breakthroughs is in good hands.

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