Drug Testing and How It Works

Drug Testing

Drug testing is also used as part of a job application process. All job applicants must undergo tests for drug and alcohol use. Passing drug tests is required not only to employees but also to other people. Therefore, it is important to know what a drug test really is and how clear choice Sub solution works.

If both legal and illegal drugs are used erroneously, it can cause different risks to the health of the user as well as to the safety and welfare of the people surrounding the user. To avoid this circumstance from happening, drug testing is utilized in order to detect the presence of a drug in a person’s sample like the hair, blood and saliva. Drug testing can show the history of the person’s drug use for the last 12 months.

Types of Drug Tests

Hair Drug Testing

With hair drug testing, the history of drug use over one year can be showed. This, however, depends on the length of the hair as 1 centimeter of hair may provide a month of the history of drug use. Hair drug testing requires between 100-200 strands of hair in order to provide an accurate analysis. This is due to the fact that the growth of the hair is not constant and inconsistent. Using a larger amount of hair strands also increases the accuracy of the tests and can even help steer clear of false positive results.

The samples for hair will be tests for the presence of metabolites, the compounds that are being produced from the chemical changes made due to drug use. Within an allotted timeframe, the presence of this compound will be an important primary indicator of drug use.

Finger Nail Drug Testing

This kind of test is considered a convenient alternative to hair drug testing, providing 3 to 6 months’ history of drug use. Nails, like the scalp, contain keratin, a kind of protein that can help trap drugs and alcohol in the body as the nails grow. Fingernails are four times as thick as a single strand of hair, meaning that it can capture more substance than the hair does.

Finger Nail Drug Testing can be used instead of Hair Drug Testing in case the person has:

  • Short hair length
  • Chemically treated or bleached hair
  • Limited or have no body hair
  • Hesitation about the cutting of hair for the tests

When Is a Drug Test Required?

A drug test can be requested to be done by the following: employer, athletic organization, health practitioner and a legal entity. It is done to find out if the person involved has banned or illegal substance present in his or her body.

A drug test is required for the following occasions:

  • Taking part in a workplace testing program
  • Undergoing pre-employment screening
  • Driving under the influence of illegal drugs
  • Pregnant and that may be at risk for drug abuse
  • On probation due to drug-related crimes
  • Having health problems due to drug use
  • Having the need for ruling out drug use for child custody cases

Final Thoughts

Though the legality of drug use varies from one country to another, it is still important to do a drug test. Drug tests can actually be used in order to determine if the drug can really be used legally or not. After all, a drug isn’t something to take granted for as the misuse of a drug may lead to health problems for the user and safety risks to other people.

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