Best Websites Where You Can Get Good Info About Pickleball

Good Info About Pickleball

Pickleball is a fun paddle game first played in the 1960s. It is similar to tennis, where players use paddles to hit the ball. While there are many sites like pickypickleball to get information about the sport, these websites bring you all that you have to know about pickleball:

  • Pickleball Inc is everything you have to look for when planning to buy a set for the game. The site is run by founders of the game themselves. Thus, you might also want to take a look at how it all began in the 60s.
  • As the sport continued to grow in popularity, there are sites like United States of America Pickleball Association (org) that aims to promote the development of the game. It is the national governing body of Pickleball. Visit this site for more information about the game’s official rules, upcoming tournaments, rankings, and upcoming events.
  • Pickleball Portal. Whether you want to learn about its history, some Pickleball tips and strategy, and even a list of shops and reviews where you can find paddles needed to play the game. Owned by a man who has been a fan of racket sports named Matt, Pickleball Portal targets beginners as their main audience with all other fundamentals in place.
  • Likewise, Pickleball Coach is created by a professional teacher and tennis Coach Richard Movsessian “Mo” to reach players in his pickleball clinic program. He offers coaching videos in all skill levels—beginners to advanced players—as if they are on a one-on-one lesson with him.
  • For a more personal approach, pickleball kitchen is a blog site developed by Barrett Kincheloe, a pickleball enthusiast who shares his knowledge and personal experiences on playing the game. The website contains a wide range of topics on everything you need to know about pickleball. It also has a section for training sessions where interested players can book and choose between three options: private, partners and group lessons.
  • Pickleball Channel. If you’re into video podcasts and like up-to-date stories on pickleball, this site is just as perfect. They have tutorial tips on improving your accuracy, hitting the ball, and other strategies helpful for sports enthusiasts. It also has a section for news updates where fans can root for pickleball getting into Olympics! Rusty Howes, founder and creator of the channel, launched the site in March 2014 specifically for the pickleball community.
  • Another recommended podcast by pickleball fans you may want to visit is The Pickleball Show with Chris Allen, the radio counterpart of the Pickleball News The show talks about tips and tricks to improve your game strategies, equipment reviews, upcoming tournaments, and even features and interviews of top players.

There are many other free sites you can check to get information about pickleball that are as good as mentioned. Nevertheless, these websites are best recommended when your goal is to find a credible and easy to navigate site.

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