How Does Web Hosting Work?

Web Hosting

Trying to educate yourself about building and designing a website is not an easy thing to do. One has to understand different steps and processes to be able to learn and familiarize the art of building a website. This is because building a website comes with complex terminologies and terms that cannot be understood easily by a normal person. If you wish to put some time in learning, have a look at this website and learn basics first. One has to be determined and focused on learning the relevant terms and processes in order to learn everything about building a site and how web hosting work.

For those who are willing to learn and are determined to understand how web hosting work, it is important to learn three important terms: domain, DNS, and hosting. Once you have a full grasp about these three terms, you’re ready to start building a website. Learn about these essential web hosting terms below.

Domain Names

This is simply the address of your website and is the first step of building a website. In order to purchase a domain, one has to buy and register to an official domain registrar. Namecheap and Godaddy are just some of the top domain registrars available on the internet. The prices of domain names vary depending on the names you have selected. There are also other added services that this company offers which often results in different prices from different domain registrar companies.

A domain name is like an alias to the computer’s IP address. If you are not familiar, an IP address is a number that is specifically assigned to a specific computer. So to be able to make life easier, a domain name is assigned to be able to easily identify a website’s IP address.

DNS or Nameservers

The next step after purchasing your domain name is to set up the nameservers or DNS. DNS is an acronym for Domain Name System or Domain Name Servers. The DNS has the responsibility to keep track of the information on a particular website. The server will be responsible in pointing out that the domain name should be related to the specific IP address of the website.

It’s important to take note that there are companies that sell both the domain name and the DNS server, but there are also other companies who also specialize in providing DNS services such as DNS Made Easy. This company has special domain servers that are able to keep track of the different information of a particular domain name in relation to its specific IP address.


After setting up a domain name and a server, the next thing to do is look for a web hosting company that will host your website. Hosting is where you store all the important data and information on your website. HTML files, CSS files, images, photos and other related files from your site will be hosted or stored from the web hosting company that you have selected. These web hosting providers will be responsible for hosting your website on their company’s server.

Building a website and learning how web hosting works needs determination and patience for a person to learn. But with the explanation above, you should now be ready in making your very own website.

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