How Marijuana Works and Affects Our Bodies?

Marijuana Works

Marijuana, pot, weed, Mary Jane, ganja – All of these are popular nicknames and street names for the drug, cannabis. It is a drug that is somewhat controversial due to it still being illegal in some countries. People consume marijuana and Mold Resistant Strains for both recreational and medical uses, but how does it affect one’s body? Let’s find out:

What is marijuana?

Marijuana is produced from the Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa plants which have distinct odd-numbered leaves, usually five or seven, with a bright green color. It is believed to have originated from the Himalayas. As the plants sprout from cannabis seeds, its height can reach up to 8 to 12 feet or 4 to 5.4 meters. It also has the ability to grow indoors and outdoors, blooming during the late summer to the middle of fall if grown in the latter.

Marijuana is a depressant drug which affects the user’s cognitive abilities because of how the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is the main culprit of giving the high effect.

How is marijuana used?

The drug can be consumed by smoking it or eating it. When smoked, it can be used in a cigarette which is rolling dried marijuana in a joint, cigar which replaces the tobacco inside, and bong which uses water pipes to trap the smoke. When eaten, it can be baked into desserts such as cookies and brownies or made into tea.

How does marijuana affect the body?

Marijuana affects the body differently from how it is consumed. It can be smoked or eaten. When an individual smokes marijuana, the chemical THC goes to their lungs in the form of smoke coming contact with the millions of air sacs responsible for exchanging carbon dioxide and oxygen or alveoli. When an individual eats marijuana, the THC goes to the stomach and is absorbed by the blood then bringing it throughout the individual’s body via the bloodstream. When smoked, the effects are immediately felt and THC levels are higher, but the effects are felt longer when consumed.

The effects of marijuana

The effects of marijuana vary differently on the individual. The most common temporary effects are feelings of lightheadedness, heightened senses, distorted perception, and affected learning ability and memory. As time progresses, the individual can also feel anxious and paranoid.

These effects wear off after an hour or more, but the THC will remain in your body for a while. The higher the amount and potency of the marijuana you consumed, the longer it will remain in your body.

Who uses marijuana?

It is observed that marijuana is used by younger people from the ages of 12 to 17. The number has spiked in twice the number during the 90s. The number of emergency room incidents has also increased to 48% with the same age gap.

In the United States of America, legalization has swept across many states since the 1980s varying to legalize recreational use and decriminalizing possession of small amount of weed. Despite implemented laws controlling its use, many Americans still consume marijuana.

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