Different Types of Jobs for Biological Engineers

Jobs for Biological Engineers

Biomedical engineers are tasked with combining engineering principles with biological and medical sciences in order to design and create equipment, computer systems, software and devices used to prevent illnesses and improve the quality of life. If you have passion for science and mathematics, then you may consider getting into this high paying career.

If you already have a degree in biomedical engineering, then its time you get into craigslist and search for jobs in your field. You can view their list here which specialize in several areas including rehabilitation, computers, and drug development.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, biomedical engineering is expected to grow at the rate of 62% between 2010 and 2020. This could be interesting to you, but before you jump on the bandwagon, you need to understand the kind of jobs and job titles in this field. In this article, we look at some job titles and sub-fields in the biomedical engineering.

Specialty Areas in Biomedical Engineering


This involves the use of electronics, computer science and principles of measurement to develop and design tools and equipment for diagnosing and treating diseases.


This is for professionals who specialize in biomaterials design and develop materials that are used in medical devices that help with motion within the body.

Clinical Engineering

Clinical engineers work alongside other medical personnel to help them implement medical technology in order to optimize healthcare delivery.

Medical Imaging

Engineers who specialize in medical imaging focus on designing and developing devices used by healthcare professionals to see inside the body.

Rehabilitation Engineering

Rehabilitation engineers design and develop prosthetics that help individuals recovering from physical and cognitive impairment.

Orthopedic Bioengineering

This involves designing and developing tools that deal with bones, joints, muscles and ligaments. An example is implants that assist with movements.


Biomechanics engineers are tasked with designing and developing tools that help with motion within the body.

Systems Physiology

This field uses engineering tools and principles that help professionals understand how systems within living organisms function.

Cell, Tissue and Genetic Engineering

Professionals in this field focus on the microscopic level in order to find solutions for bigger problems.

Job Titles in Biomedical Engineering

Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing engineers in biomedical engineering are tasked with designing and developing medical products. This includes medical instruments, prosthetics, imaging devices and more.

Software Engineer

Software engineers spend their time developing and designing computer programs used for various medical applications. They design programs that help medical personnel display and manipulate data that is recorded by other medical devices.

Quality Engineer

Quality engineers are tasked with examining medical products manufactured to make sure that they comply and meet certain standards and specifications. If there are any modifications that need to be done, these engineers come up with suggestions.


The aim of researches is to obtain solutions to different medical problems. They also discover new ways of properly designing medical products and ensure they are safe for use. You will also find most of these researchers teaching at the University level.


Physicians in biomedical engineering diagnose patients, treat illnesses and prescribe medication. They also counsel patients on hygiene, diet, and preventive healthcare. Surgeons, on the other hand, treat injuries like broken bones, deformities such as cleft palates, cancerous tumors and many more.

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