Better, Cheaper, and Stronger Dental Implants: New Materials and Technology

Stronger Dental Implants

Dental problems are becoming common now, most especially in adults. More often than not, these problems persist due to how expensive dental health services are. In this article, we tackle what dental implants are and the recent development of its new technology.

What are Dental Implants?

According to the Digital Smile Academy, Dental implants are a surgical component or artificial tooth root that uses the biological process of osseointegration which incorporates the bone and the implant. Dental implants are usually made of titanium and/or titanium alloy. Dental implants are solutions to people who have lost teeth due to poor periodontal health, tooth decay, or injury. Dental implants have many benefits. These include improving an individual’s:

Oral health

Dental implants do not affect other surrounding teeth as they can support themselves, unlike other dental components. This does not reduce other teeth, thus improving oral health.


Implants are embedded into your gums which give the feeling of having a real tooth. It improves an individual’s speech by ensuring that the implants do not slip out while the wearer is talking compared to dentures that have that possibility.

Appearance & Self-esteem

One of the reasons why people undergo dental implants is because of tooth loss. Lacking a tooth can impair an individual’s self-esteem by making them conscious of their appearance. Having a dental implant can improve one’s appearance and self-esteem because he or she can confidently smile.


In comparison to dentures, implants do not slide and do not give discomfort while eating.

For some cases, most adults do not opt for undergoing dental implants due to the expensive costs.

Development of Next-Generation Implants

The development of new technology advances dental implants that are accessible due to its cheaper manufacturing costs with better materials. Experts at the University of Baja California have developed dental implants made from mixtures of polymers with ceramic and a light consistency. They tested the durability and performance of these next-generation implants through the simulation of repetitive chewing or mastication to check the implant and the bone structure to absorb the stress experienced during this action.

These experts take into account into making implants that are affordable but surpass performance and quality from already existing dental implant technology such as titanium which is commonly used by dentists. “By optimizing the geometry and consistency of the implants, we can ensure that they remain in place longer but with a lower cost than the titanium implant,” according to Mauricio Paz González, the project collaborator with the overall responsibility of industrial design. Juan Antonio Paz González, in charge of the manufacturing process, added that their objective is to incorporate vitamin D as a coat onto the dental implant which can stimulate bone production around the implant and add support. The head of research, Luis Villarreal Jesus

Gomez added that the implants have many benefits such as improving oral health and saving money as these implants are not that costly.

Overall, the team of scientists from the University of Baja California is continuously advancing the improvement of their development with the objectives of being affordable and more sustainable than existing dental implants.

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