Engineering for Life

With this in mind, the organization’s core concept or main focus is Engineering for life, which translates to the integration of Biological Engineering together with life sciences i.e. Bio-medicine, Bio-processing/ Biotechnology, and Environment. The home institute aims to achieve this successful integration by applying all fundamental concepts of Biological systems starting from molecular to ecosystem levels.

Through the study of Bio-processing, the institution seeks to further research on the chemical, biological, and physical reactions that greatly improve or add value to biological systems. This is an important area of interest as Bio-processing/ Biotechnology knowledge is used in key processing areas including processing of food materials, biodegradable products, bio-based industrial products, developing and manufacturing new foods, exploration of pharmaceuticals both for humans and animals, control and movement of food materials, food safety and quality control, optimizing growth and productivity of organisms, and so on.

The institution’s key interest to pick up on Bio-medicine is justifiable owing to the fact that the world of medicine is rapidly developing and there is the need to incorporate medicine with technology together with the need of designing new medical equipment that will assist in tackling major issues facing the sector. Bio-medicine aims to design, test, and develop medical equipment and ensure medical safety among other issues.

Environment Science is important as both living and non-living organisms exist in a particular environment, and we have the responsibility to protect and preserve the environment so as to protect life itself. Therefore, extensive research has to be done on natural resource conservation and enhancement, soil enrichment, waste treatment, global modeling, wildlife and zoo animal conservation, among other areas.

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